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Standing Meditation for Everyday Life.

Looking for a simple daily meditation practiced in a standing position? Check out this blog to learn more.

Most meditation is taught in a seated position, however, this can be hard on the back and legs over time. My Tai Chi instructor taught a standing meditation with visualizations that can build energy while relaxing the body at the same time.

Start in a relaxed stance with your feet about hip-width apart and arms by your sides. Knees are slightly bent and the spine is in neutral. Think of a pole going from the top of the head down the center of the back to the tailbone. This will help the spine to align. You can look in a mirror as well to see if you are leaning forward or back. Bring your arms up in front of the body to the solar plexus area or right below the breastbone (sternum). Elbows are bent to relax the shoulders away from the ears. If you feel tension in the shoulders, lower the arms a bit until you build up more strength and learn to relax into the stance.

Now you are in a good standing position to begin meditation. Breathe deeply from the lower abdomen. Slow, steady, even breaths of equal duration in and out are best. Next, visualize that you are at the bottom of a cliff and there is a waterfall coming down on your head from above. The pressure and temperature of the water feels just right. Imagine the water washing down over you from head to toe. The water is relaxing and helps soften the skin and in turn your whole body. You can take as little as 5 or 10 minutes to do this visualization or longer if you wish. After you finish the waterfall down to your feet, breathe into the the lower abdomen 9 times slowly. Focus on the center of your core expanding with each breath cycle. This breathing can also be lengthened depending on the time you would like to spend meditating.

See the next blog post to learn more visualizations for this standing meditation and deepen your daily practice.

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